Welcome to the Cruze Car Rental

We are a family-owned car rental business that operates from Windsor . We are aware of the numerous car rental options available for the customers but we are proud to differentiate our selves by providing reliable, prompt and ethical services, offering very competitive rates, recent cars and overall satisfying car rental experience. We are proud of successfully serving many local and international customers, providing them with the best value in the market and exceeding their expectations. We have a large fleet of new cars of different makes and models to deliver the best car rental experience. We employ a very dedicated team that have the knowledge and experience to cater your needs and provide sincere advice and help you to choose the right car that best matches your needs. We guarantee our customers the cheapest car rental in Windsor and guarantee prompt service.

Cruze Car Rentals offer cheap car rental in Windsor, and in the surrounding area.

Our Mission is to provide customers a cheap car rental and a unique experience.